50 watt HID bulb/ballast purchase


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Feb 10, 2005
Gainesville, Fla.
OK guy's I need some help, I've search the net to no avail. I'm trying to find a place to purchase a quality 50/55 watt slim ballast to replace a 35 watt that is currently on My BMW R1200GS motorcycle high beam. This bike has a too smart computer on it that manages all the electrical components and process's on the bike and motor thru a canbus system, it has no fuse's on the bike. The computer in this situation, if it senses a too high, or too low current draw from a light it will shut down power to that bulb to prevent possible damage to the wiring.

My problem with the current ballast is that it's current draw is too low and the computer shuts it down on activation. I could probably add a resister to raise the current draw to trick the 'puter, but I'd rather bump up to a 50 watt anyway for increased lumen's down field, since with only two lamps, and lots of animals on the road advanced detection is welcomed.

The 50/55 ballasts on the net that I've found seem like 35's that Their modding. This is an important part for me since I'm preparing for a 'round the world tour of approx. 9 to 12 months, in areas that replacement parts are hard to acquire, so quality parts are very important.

My 35 watt bulbs have little hours on them, but I'm concerned about overdriving the high beam bulb, are the listed 50 watt bulbs truly 50 watt designed bulbs? or are they just overdriving Their 35's ?

So, can you guy's recommend a place to buy true 50 watt component's=4300K somewhere?
I've looked at Xevison, even talked to him once asking about www.HID50.com, but he was not that helpful (probably just having a bad day), seemed as They only wanted to sell in volume.

Charles Ansman


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Jul 12, 2008
50 watt ballasts are modded 35W ballasts (overdriven bulbs). Worse still is that the capsules are cheap as-is, even worse when over-driven. I think the only real 50W HID capsule is the DL-50 from Phillips and that thing is expensive, not to mention it is not made for automotive use and will need to have its base modded to fit (not in a halogen housing mind you).

Are you only using the kit in your high-beam? That's usually not recommended because flashing it will greatly decrease the output.

Also HID kits should not be used in low-beams designed for reflectors, it will blind other drivers and usually doesn't give that much better light (because most light is shot up into the sky rather than lighting the road in front of you).

That said, you could use a harness so that the ballast connects to a relay (similar to a switch) then to the battery and only uses the signal from your control stalk. You should not be using an HID kit with stock halogen wiring anyways, it has trouble providing power for starting the HIDs. If the control stalk won't activate the lights at all, you can install a normal electronics switch somewhere on your bike to activate the relay to turn your high-beams on/off, then it's independant of the bike's electronic modules.