A Guide To Beginner Modding?


Newly Enlightened
Oct 26, 2010
Can someone point me in the right direction to learn the basics of flashlight modification please?

I've been searching and reading but cannot really understand a lot of the things that i really wanna know about :confused: lol

I think I've learned that my solarforce SST-50 can be brighter (give out more lumens OTF) if it was driven at 2.5amps, is this correct? if so its something to do with the drivers? or the 7135's? sorry for all the noob questions but im a guy that isnt very clued up on the electrical side of things but i am addicted to flashlights! Just buying flashlights isnt enough anymore, i gotta fuel my addiction by making em brighter!

Thanks in advance to anyone who may help :)