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Feb 7, 2007
Seattle, Ecotopia
About to pull the trigger on a Fenix L0D CE (Cree XR-E), and am researching a batt for it.

I would really much rather go with a lithium than anything else, and yes I know the voltage is too high. Apparently there is no 3V lithium in AAA, and no protected lithium in AAA.

If I gather correctly, an unprotected cell must not be allowed to drop below 2.5V, or else damage. Some say charge it when you get dim, but others say that's too late. Any experiences out there? Anyone dim their Cree XR-E by overdriving?

I've searched for alternative battery chemistries, but LiPoly does not come cylindrical, LiFe does not come in AAA/10440, and Valence doesn't come smaller than 18650. I've even looked at a 1/3 AAA + 2/3 AAA in NiMH to boost voltage, but mustn't have two different capacities in series. Anything over 2V is wanted. Why don't they make a lower voltage, higher capacity LiIon?

What's a brother to do?

The ideal solution would be a protected, rechargeable 3V LiIon, but I guess not enough demand.

If necessary I'll resort to NiMH, and I gather that the best are Eneloop and Titanium, in that order. Where to buy?

Also, is there a quality charger that will take up to 4 AAA's or AA's, and will charge one at a time? I'd like to know for both lithium and NiMH. Charging speed is not a real concern. And is there a car charger which will take a single cell internally, and plug into the cig socket as a unit?
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May 21, 2006
Use either standard NiMH cells, or the LSD NiMH cells (Eneloop or Hybrid to name a couple). I don't know why they don't make lower voltage AA/AAA Li-Ions.

Regarding a charger that charges 1-4 AA/AAA cells, there are plenty of them out there. Many have car charger cords included, or available for purchase separately. I like the Maha chargers.


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Apr 25, 2006
Kingston Mines,Illinois
I have to agree with Chris. Maha makes a whole line of great chargers. The best place to buy them is Thomas Distributing. There customer service is the best!!
Enjoy your flashlight.