Advice for refurbing a dive light


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Oct 28, 2023

this is my first post on the forum and I'm after a bit of help. I have a Dive Rite light that was originally a 10W HID but was upgraded to a 10W LED by Packhorse via another forum (must be about 10 years ago or something like). Worked great until I managed to destroy the driver PCB when I was taking it apart to replace the orings. I used a little bit too much force in the wrong place and the PCB snapped where the power leads soldered into the board.

The LED is an XML2 and the whole thing ran from a 9.6-12V power supply. First part to my question is anyone know where I can get a new driver and what I need to buy? I know absolutely nothing about stuff like this, I'm happy with practical stuff like soldering and putting things together but my technical electronics knowledge is very basic (and that's being generous).

Second part is, I'd be interested in upgrading the LED too. The old XML2 was still working fine but I'm aware it is now years old so if I'm replacing components then I might as well swap the LED as well if there's a newer/better version out there. Are the more modern XML2's worth swapping too? If so the same query, what do I need to buy?

I've attached some pictures. The unit is a reasonably hefty aluminium slug as a heatsink, driver board on one end, LED on the other. The heatsink has a recess drilled in it for the small copper coil on the driver PCB. Packhorse supplied a lens unit (not shown) for focusing which worked reasonably well. Whole thing slides into the light head which is the black aluminium tube shown. Only needs to be single mode, straight off and on. No intermediate power settings or flashing modes required. Switch is on the battery canister, a simple waterproof toggle switch.



Any recommendations appreciated, especially the simpler the better :)




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