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Sold/Expired AquaRam, Lummi Raw, and a Tom Anderson light

Joseph Milton

Apr 7, 2008
Good day everyone. I haven't sold anything for a while, and my Paypal account is dry. Prices include USPS priority shipping in the lower 48 states. Paypal fees are eaten by me!

First up is a McGizmo AquaRam. I have owned this light for about 4 months, or which I tried it, was impressed, then shelved it because I need a clicky or PD. Twist only is great, but a light should be able to be operated with one hand (that's my reason to myself for selling this beauty)! 2200ma (I believe), so it's bright as hell! Aside from the oil from my sweaty hands making it look a little dirty, it's perfect, sans the tiniest scuff on the BB Ti clip. Love it, but I don't carry it!


Next is a Tom Anderson Quark sleeved Ti masterpiece. I have a few TA pens and key-chains, but I bought this light because of it's impressive build quality. It's a tank! And there are countless hours involved in this little guy. Runs on a AAA battery. The light inside has 3 or 4 levels, plus strobe. I'm not sure what Quark is inside, because I can't get it apart (don't worry, I didn't try very hard). A new LE would give it more balls, but being twisty only, it's gotta go. This light has some marks from being carried, but not much. God only knows what this cost to have done, because his work now is insanely expensive ($750 for a pen!).


Lastly is a nice Lummi Raw Ti that was bead blasted! Three green trits glow well. Has some surface marks & a few tiny dings, but the BB finish holds up very well! 14250 battery is included. So is the fishing line spinner! LE is 2-stage and not the XM-L (R2 maybe). Great light for hanging from your neck or keys.




Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 8, 2007
Too late but I'll take the anderson if LupinIII backs out for some reason.
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Mar 10, 2011
Los Angeles
I'm pretty sure this is the Tom Anderson that you bought from me. If so, the thread that gives specifics about the light is HERE.