AW Multi Mode Soft Start How Hot?


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Feb 18, 2008
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I've had my 6D Hotwire 458 Maglite for ages now. After I finally replaced the dead Nimh AAs with some high drain 26650 IMRs the run time is outrageously long. I've never managed to run the batteries all the way down without needing to let the light cool off multiple times.

I assume the limit to temperature is going to be the AW Multi Mode Soft start switch assembly.
I didn't see any answers in the original thread posting
At least not on the first page of stats.

Doing some research I found:
Integrated circuit may be available in the following versions:

Commercial 0-70°C. Industrial -40 to +85°C Military -55 to +125°C.
Assuming this just uses standard circuits that's about 158 degrees.

I know when the head of my maglite (standard no heat sinking) hits around 149-150 degrees sometimes it doesn't want to change mods and acts funky.
This is when I shut it down and let it cool off. At that point the Mag switch is 133 degrees and the surrounding tube is about that as well. While the reflector is hovering around 330-400 depending on test location.

Am I safe to assume 150 bezel temp is the shut off point to prevent damage or can I go longer / should I turn it off sooner?



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Mar 7, 2008
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That's interesting, especially when i'm building almost the same setup but with 623. I'm glad i'm not alone incan builder in the see of led. When i get all of my parts and start using it i'll let you know if i have the same issue.