Battery Corrosion


Newly Enlightened
Oct 27, 2010
Ontario, Canada
My senior widowed neighbor approached me to ask about the battery corrosion in a camping light she has. She's not very good when the power goes out.

I took it home and rinsed the white crusty corrosion out of the battery compartment. Then I hit the connections with the wire brush on my grinder and then with light sand paper. It really cleaned up great. Installed new batteries and now she's a happy camper.

During all this my wife said to use rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts...What?

Repsectfully, some people don't realize that the cleaning process of somethings is simply water to neutralize and rinse. Nothing fancy. Get rid of the gung first, then clean the surfaces. Sometimes we flashlight people do know stuff. Not always, but sometimes.

QUESTION: when people here have their collections of multable flashlights, regardless of type. How many leave batteries in constantly? I seldom come across any corrosion on any of my battery power things, flashlights or otherwise.