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BOSS issues, need help


Newly Enlightened
Jan 19, 2021
I have a BOSS 35 ft Cu with XPL-HI 4000k and the McClicky switch. It is v5.1

I have programmed it many times without any issues.

I recently purchased a distressed aluminum 70 body with the new MOFF switch. When I first installed the head on the new body with 2 18350's in it, the main LEDs were constantly on due to the fact that I had not programmed zero mode yet. I could cycle through modes though and I successfully entered the programming pin.

After programming the light, the aux led shut off just like it always does. But upon using the switch again, the aux LED comes back on constant and then starts flashing the serial number.

I can't enter any pins anymore. I can't switch to a different mode. Disconnecting the tube does nothing, switching to the original body/switch does nothing.

If I try to reprogram it, it acts like it takes the program but then upon using the switch again for the first time after programming it, it goes right back to flashing the serial number.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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