Brinkmann Legend LX


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Apr 29, 2002
According to Craig over at the LED Museum,The Brinkmann Legend LX is available at Walmart only. I am within 30 miles of 6 Walmart's and none of them have this light.It's not available on either. If someone could find this light for me I would appreciate it. Craig states it's 19.99, If someone could find this light and purchase it for me I could paypal them for the cost plus shipping,or If someone could point me to a web site other than Brinkmann who has this light,That would help too.


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Feb 16, 2002
I bought one at Galyan's (sporting goods store) near Atlanta. They had four in stock. It was all I could do to resist buying all four. Roughly $20 each. I'd been looking for one for ages. Very nice, bright light. Just like everyone says. A great light for the money. It even came with a set of batteries!


I was in Meijers today and they had them on the shelf. Im sure they will ship between stores. These were in Lima, Ohio. Adam


Mar 11, 2001
I don't know if anyone else is in the "Land of Nothing" (North Dakota) but if you are the walmarts in Bismarck, Jamestown, Fargo, Dilworth, and Grand Forks have nothing but the original long life and the rebel. I was on a trip that went that way and figured I'd stop by the walmarts and see.

In other flashlight news, Cabelas in Grand Forks was very dissapointing as well.

I had hoped to get a look at the Legend LX (and maybe buy if walmarts were a bust) and Priceton Tec Surge, and possibly pick up a E2 HA to go with my E2e. Also wanted a look at the impact. They didn't carry any of them, all they had were the attitude, impact, scorpion and a E1 HA.

The LX and surge were the ones I really was looking forward to seeing. Though for $30 I think I might take the scorpion over the LX for the extra $10. At the walmart price of $19.99 it would be a must have. The impact looked impressive but I figure for a longer distance light I have the E2e.

I did pick up a attitude and I'm pretty impressed with that little guy for the size. I almost picked up a scorpion, but everytime I handle one I find myself not liking the tail cap button. I find it almost impossible to click it constant on with my thumb. Other than that for $40 it was impressive, nice smooth beam from spot to flood. Spare bulb included and batteries for $40 and $4 for extra bulbs.

I can see the first thing I'm going to do to the attitude is paint the clear bulb housing black to keep the backwash of light through the body of the light to a min.

On the plus side I did get 13 2009 date energizer 223 lithiums I can disassemble for cr123's for $15 shipped. 26 cr123's for $15 hard to argue with that.