Building a dive light with 5*CREE R2 LED's, need help with switch


Newly Enlightened
Apr 13, 2010
I am totally new to the DIY flashlight world, but have found it interesting. I wanted an inexpensive canister light so i decided to play around with making one myself. I purchased a 5*Cree R2 LED drop in unit( and I am putting it in a modified mag lite. I have also purchased a Piezo switch to use as it was the most indestructible switch that can be used underwater; however, I just found out that it is only a momentary switch. I need help to figure out how to wire the Piezo in order to make the 5 modes of the light work. The light has a built in driver ( I have no clue how to wire this stuff so I thought it would be easier), so do I need to use something in-between the switch and the battery/lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the light is done, but just cant get it to shine...