Charger XTAR LC4 + XTAR AA 1.5V battery with LED indicator

Dec 3, 2012
The new version of the XTAR LC4 charger was sent to me directly from XTAR for review.
Together with the charger I received 4 XTAR 1.5V AA batteries with LED indicator.

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XTAR LC4 Main Features:
• Special for XTAR 1.5V AA and AAA Li-ion rechargeable batteries with indicator function
• USB-C input
• Hollow out design, better heat dissipation
• Supports mixed charging of AA and AAA batteries
• Fully recharges 4 AA 1.5V Li-ion batteries in 1.7 hours
• Fully recharges 4 x AAA 1.5V Li-ion batteries in 1.5 hours

Technical specifications
  • Model: LC4
    - Input: 5V-2A
    - Output: 4.9V=0.5A x 4 (0.5A Avg.)
    - Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Dimensions and weight:
Length 79mm, width 75mm and height 26mm.
Weight: 49gr.

The Charger has 15 days to be replaced and 12 months for free repair.
The batteries have 7 days to be replaced and a 6 month warranty.
Technical support is offered for life.


The XTAR LC4, with batteries, arrives in a small white cardboard box. In this SET package we find the new XTAR LC4 battery charger, 4 XTAR 1.5V AA batteries, the USB-C cable and the multilingual manual.



The XTAR LC4 Charger:


XTAR specializes, in particular, in the development and production of quality chargers with excellent performance.
XTAR updates the LC4 charger with a new, more performing model.
The XTAR LC4, with its 4 slots, is small and light (49gr), without buttons, born for XTAR AA / AAA 1.5V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with LED indicator.
XTAR LC4 has the easy-to-access Type-C input port and hollow-out design for better heat dissipation.


Internally the battery compartment is well done with the drawings for the correct insertion of the AA / AAA batteries printed in evidence.


LC4 is made of flame retardant PC material to ensure safe use. The quality of the materials used and the construction without sharp edges seem excellent. A peculiarity of the new LC4 is the internal slot or opening which facilitates the removal of the inserted batteries and favors the dissipation of heat.


On the back we find the main features of the new LC4 printed.


As you can see from the photo, the use of the XTAR LC4 battery charger is clearly indicated only with the new AA/AAA batteries with LED indicator.
The LC4 is designed to charge XTAR 1.5V Li-ion indicator batteries (any combination of AA/AAA batteries) and will not charge other Li-ion or NiMH batteries without problems.


To recharge the battery or batteries, just insert them, once the charger is connected to the power supply, and the recharge will start automatically. The maximum input power is 5V 2A, with a current of 0.5A per slot. In my tests, it took me about 1h50min to recharge a flat AA battery.
To recharge 4 AAA batteries, with the same technology, the time taken, according to XTAR, is 1.5 hours.

XTAR LC4 has three-stage charging (TC-CC-CV). This charger regulates the voltage and current delivered to the batteries in three automatic stages, to ensure that the batteries receive an optimal charge with minimal wear.


While charging, a flashing green light indicates that the battery is charging or activating. When the light stays green and stops flashing it indicates that the battery is fully charged and can be removed for use.


-- XTAR AA 1.5V lithium batteries with LED indicator


Main features:
• The unique built-in voltage control circuit enables devices with lower power indicator function to remind you timely when the power is insufficient. Very useful for smart locks, LED ring lights, etc.
• High capacity of 2700mWh, continuous discharge current of max 2A.
• It works in the condition of -20 - 60℃
• Can only be charged with the exclusive LC4 charger.
Nominal Capacity: 2700mWh
Rated Voltage: 1.5V
Low power voltage output: 1.1V
Maximum continuous discharge current: 2.0A
Weight: 19.1g
Dimensions: L14.3±0.3mm X H5O.3±0.5mm
Protection: Yes

XTAR green AA/AAA 1.5V battery with LED indicator has unique low voltage indicator function
and a constant voltage output current.
The built-in voltage control circuit enables the device (with low power indicator function) to remind the user in time when the power is insufficient.
XTAR AA/AAA has full built-in protections such as Short Circuit, Overcharge and Over Discharge protection.
This battery cannot be charged with a normal charger, such as the VC4SL or the Energizer AA/AAA charger, but only with the XTAR LC4/LC8 chargers.


XTAR uses the mWh measurement instead of mAh to differentiate 1.5V Li-ion batteries from 1.2V NiMH batteries. These two measurements have affinities.
Wh is a measure of energy (Watts spent per hour). The 2700 mWh of the 1.5 V Li-ion XTAR green battery corresponds to 1800 mAh.


The lithium battery, compared to the NI-MH battery, is usually lighter and has a very high charge density, but above all it does not suffer from the memory effect and therefore the loss of charge when unused is slower.
These batteries are especially suitable for high drain electrical devices such as wireless smart locks, RC/VR controllers, AA flashlights, electric toys, game controllers, mouse and keyboards etc.


Through a runtime, done with an AA flashlight, I was able to compare the XTAR Li-ion battery and a 1900mAh NI-MH Eneloop battery. The runtime of the 2700mWh XTAR AA Li-ion was slightly better than the Eneloop battery.

I found the new XTAR LC4 charger very well made and practical and the performance of the green XTAR lithium batteries good.
LC4 is immediately ready for use without the need to set anything; just insert the batteries and connect it to a power supply via the USB-C port. The design with the central hollow to take or place the batteries and improve heat dissipation is well studied.
XTAR lithium batteries with charge indicator have a constant voltage output current, have no memory effect and are protected against short circuit, overcharge and over discharge.
XTAR 1.5V AA/AAA rechargeable batteries are highly recommended, over disposable dry cell batteries; they have a long life with a high battery life cycle (charge and discharge).


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