Choosing an LED thrower



Hello! I've been lurking here for a while to learn what I can. I'm getting into Flashlights and have purchased a couple small all-purpose type of lights. I have a Streamlight Polytac LED, a Surefire G3 Nitrolon, and am now looking for a really good high power LED thrower.

My girlfriend has the EagleTac T20C2. It is a pretty good thrower with good spill so I can see both close and far. I bought a Led Lenser T7, but I will be returning it as the spot throw on it isn't as good as the T20C2 when comparing them side-to-side last night.

I was looking at a few lights, not sure which of these will best suit my purpose. So hopefully you guys can help!

I don't want to spend more than $150 if I can, that's my self-imposed limit right now.

The lights I'm looking at so far are:

Olight M31 Triton

Fenix TK40

DEFT (not sure which one I should look into. Their site shows it being sold for $150 now.)

Streamlight Super Tac

A few Jetbeams (RRT-1, M1X, M2S)

Maelstron G5

These are in no particular order. Just lights I've made notes on through some research.

If the Deft is truly $150, then I don't see why I should look into anything else, unless it is not available or a special order. The Streamlight Super Tac might not be powerful enough, but I saw it has good reviews as a thrower.

My goal is to clearly light up tree lines that are up to 300 yards away. If I can get a good quality LED light for $100 to do that, then great. I want as tight a spot as possible.

If you guys need anymore info, let me know. So far this forum is great and full of good info!