dead M1x


Newly Enlightened
Oct 10, 2009
Brunei Darussalam
Hello all

I have a M1X or over a year now, a while ago while running the light at max for a few minutes, I saw smoke coming out, the led was flashing weak and it smelled like burnt electronics, One of the batteries looked like it leaked so I took the batteries out quickly. Theres still some smoke around thr reflector. All this while I've been using 2 AW 18650s, no idea why I put in 3 ultrafire CR123s, damn it, now I regretted, shouldnt have done that.

I waited a while try to power up the flashlight but it wont work anymore. I didnt see any burnt spots on the led though but the smell!! makes me :sick2:

Is there anything I can do now, like changing to a new emitter? if its the led thats gone bad I can get a new one and replace right?