dimmer for led strips


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Apr 27, 2012
hi all im hoping you can help me with a little problem i have,

i have tried searching but my question is a little complex to be typing in search enginges,

im going to be insgtalling led cove lighting in the form of flexible strips, i will also have 10 x 2w mr11 leds, i know the mr11's arnt suitable to be dimmed which is fair enough, but the strips would need to be dimable, so my problem is i need a 2g switch capable of turning the spots on/off and to dim and turn on/off the led strips,

the only thing i have found is that i would have to have 2 seperate switch box's, one with a standard on off switch and the other i have seen 12v dimmers for single colour led strips.

im not keen on the idea of having 2 sepereate switch box's next to each other especially as the only led dimmer i have came across is an ugly bulky white one which i wouldnt be able to match to say a black nickel .

so i have seen 2g led switches but i have been advised that they may not be compatible with the strips

any help would be much appreciated as my head is in the shed and time is running out as its holding the plasterers up!

thanks s



Mar 17, 2011
check with the manufacturer of the LED's and the dimmer to see if they are compatible. 2G? what is this? Do you mean 2 gang as in a 2 gang junction box? Do you need a J box that seperate's the low voltage from the high voltage?

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