DIY LED Headlamps



hello folks
greetings from Christchurch England.
I have been experimenting with DC-DC convertors for LED Headlamps and have made various circuits which are in use at this moment in various Headlamps which my freinds and myself use while we night fish on the beach. in current sense mode.
The ones I am using at the moment are LM2954-adj for stepping down from 12volt Gel batterys to series parrallel arrays of up to 18 Nichia white LEDs (180ma) or my own Headlamp which uses 18 LumiLed LEDs each one 75ma but the array runs at 410ma, and the latest one I have made is a 75 White Nichia LED Headlamp which runs off a 6volt NMHI battery pack and uses a LM2585-adj to provided aprox 6.25 volt at 1Amp.
I have photos and circuits on my website for people who want to try them out.
regards malcolm


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 6, 2002
Did you hand solder the 75 LEDs? How did you keep them all straight so they did not lean one way or the other while soldering?