Dorcy int. 5MM– 3AAA LED Magnetic Clip Light


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Jan 4, 2005
a review of the Dorcy 5MM– 3AAA LED Magnetic Clip Light that was donated from Dorcy to our FCW 6 camping trip last month

heidi selected this in our raffle because she had a similar one back in her college days 20 or so years ago, wasn't LED back then. it was her only flashlight back then bought by her father. it was magnetic and also had a clip.

this current one with Nichia Leds are brighter than they they were back then. this too had a magnetic clip great for the refrigerator. can clip memos.

build quality is lacking somewhat. trying to unlock the plastic lock to get to the batteries the lock broke. the housing is made of durable plastic.

the price was written on the blister pack for $6.00.

comes in assorted colors, heidi's is white with light blue magnetic clip
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