Early XM-L lights Dilemma


Newly Enlightened
Feb 7, 2010
Madison, WI
I really want to order an XM-L light or two (the new eagletech and catapult definitely have caught my eye), but I can't help but think they are seriously under-driven. I mean seriously, how much better is a (properly heat-sinked) XPG-R5 at 1.5-1.6a vs a measly 1a (which was CREE's early max, right?)!!

I know 3a is the current CREE recommended specs., but I'd be more than willing to wager that 4-5a will be the accepted max within the CPF community in relatively short order. From what I've pieced together, I think even 6a w/ proper heat-sinking is safe, but 4-5a is the sweet spot of maximizing output taking into account trade-offs. Also, even at 4a, I think the XM-L still doesn't require some of the massive copper heat-sinks that we've been accustomed to using. Actually, the XM-L might really require us to change our way of thinking about using advanced heat-sinking materials/methods (i.e. not really getting the enhanced benefits).

Anyone else holding out til XM-Ls are pushed harder?