electrical (fuse) question for you auto mechanics


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Oct 19, 2009
I have a Toyota Corolla and suddenly the clock and radio and dome lights don't work. I checked the manual and located the buss fuse that controls this. It turns out that it is in the engine compartment.

I pulled that fuse and it is shorted out. I replaced it but as I was replacing it I could see an arc of electricity. I would have assumed that it would not be hot but since its in the engine compartment maybe thats normal?

This didn't fix the problem but I'm guessing the arc I saw just fried the new fuse.

It was cold and raining outside so I didn't pull the new fuse (yet) to verify that it is fried. So assuming it is...what's likely to be going on?

What's my next step? Everything else works correctly in the car so I can still use it. I just can't see the clock and I don't have interior lights.

Any help would be appreciated. I know very little about these things.