Elektro lumens Big Bruiser upgrade project


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Oct 4, 2010
Hi Guys

I am looking at upgrading one of my all-time favourite lights the Elektro lumens Big Bruiser.
I love the simplicity of the light and the one-handed operation of it so looking at keeping that the same. I want the same one mode only MAX "OMG mode" run time is not important just raw mind blowing power just the same as it was created for back in 2012.
So what to do with it :thinking: That's were you guys come in any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated.

I have some of the ELBB3 circuit board coming from Wayne ( see below) the 3x XML LEDs ones so it could be just as simple as the latest XML chip upgrade which would be ? not sure what the best XML chip is these days and if it would be a big enough difference?

Or we could go all out and do something big ?

Not sure if it would be possible to run 3x XHP70.2 chips? There is room for a driver/booster but I suppose the bottle neck will be the one cell 26650 battery.
Maybe the new Luminus CFT-90 could work somehow?

I was planning to still use the 19 degrees Ledil triple optics but if we come up with a better option than great.

So, guys, I need the smarts of you all to help me out here as I have never done much in the modding world before but think its time I started and I could not think of a better light to upgrade. I do have a second bruiser that I have never used so will be modding my user first up.

ELBB3 circuit board


The Elektro lumens Big Bruiser http://elektrolumens.com/Big-Bruiser/BigBruiser.html

Again greatly appreciated for any help.
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