flood or throw ?


Mar 11, 2007
new york city
quick question

which reflector is for throw and which is for flood ? one reflector is smooth and the other is textured ,,



Zainal Abidin

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Jan 11, 2009
Too me it is neither. Orange Peel (OP) could give a smooth beam from the hotspot to the spill, with no rings. Smooth (SMO) gives a very bright hotspot and spills with rings, with the spill no smoth over or in other words the hotspot is not deffused.

To give a better throw, the reflector shall be deep enough and for an even tighter hotspot, the reflector size should be big also. This couple with SMO will even gives a far longer throw.

As an example, I got 1 Olight M20 R2 warrior with SMO and OP. The OP gives reasonable throw with good spill while the SMO gives longer throw and less spill. Likewise Tiablo A9 with an even OP reflector gives much further throw and good spill than M20 with SMO. This is because Tiablo A9 has deeper reflector

Dances with Flashlight

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Sep 28, 2005
Glendale, Arizona
Interesting question - one which I've pondered for some time, but one which I will try in my own limited way to address. Unfortunately, as a search of the many posts on the subject in CPF will demonstrate, it's not at all that simple. A textured reflector is generally intended to even out the beam to eliminate or reduce irregularities. A smooth reflector, however, will usually be capable of throwing somewhat farther (how far is beyond me) though at some sacrifice of beam perfection since some of the photon thingies that could be sent straight ahead are redirected instead in hopes of overcoming artifacts and rings and such in the beam distribution.

Perhaps someone here can throw some light on just how well these different reflectors do what is intended and at what cost.