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Sold/Expired FS: Lux V Tower module w/ BONUS **SOLD**


Apr 26, 2002
Carson, California
Hello Everyone,

I need money for Valentines Day and my girlfriends birthday (all in the same month) so some toys must be sold :eek:. I have a mint condition ARC Mania built 5W SF Tower Module for sale. It has a very nice Lux V emitter with a bin of WX0S and a SuperDownConverter set to 1000mA. For less resistance, Mike built these modules with two gold plated springs soldered in place on the newly designed module made of a stronger grade of alloy. This particular module has a runtime of 3 minutes MAX!

As a bonus, I will add a brand new and still sealed in package Model N1 Lamp Assembly AND a brand new, still sealed in package MN15 Lamp assembly for FREE! That's right, FREE! :eek:oo:

ALL of these, for only $140 Shipped via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation. Sorry, I can only accept Money order, preferably USPS Money. Order. CON U.S. transaction only please. First one to post an unconditional "I'll take it" will get first dibs on this item. Thank you so much for looking.


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