Full Time Dynamic Headlight Aiming


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Nov 18, 2013
Idaho, USA
Can not arrive soon enough, but it will be expensive I think.


DVN : What technology of automatic aiming could solve the tolerance problem?
Michael Hamm [of Audi]: In this case a possible correct answer would be rocket science. No joke—in missiles there are precise 3D positioning devices; we should think on something similar adopted in automotive. A kind of triple gyroscopic determination of the headlamp coördinate system, the car coordinate system, and the street coördinate system. Then we would have perfect aim everytime and everywhere.

DVN: OK, but that would surely take a long time to perfect In the meantime?
M.H.: We must continue in small steps. Improve awareness, improve aiming. We should try to increase automatic levelling to reduce glare and increase ADB systems penetration because they are less influenced by vertical aiming deviations. Wherever possible, decrease tolerances and improve sensor ability. A very big milestone would be any kind of closed loop between the aiming and the resulting light distribution on the street. This is an important task, also for future digital projections on the road.


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Mar 26, 2004
Porsche described their newly-developed -- but never commercialized, as far as I know -- "Automatic Headlamp Setting" system that automatically aims headlamps (it sets the aim correctly, not just maintain whatever setting has been manually applied) at ISAL in 2013. From the paper's introduction:

"The new concept, discussed in this paper, needs neither an additional light spot nor 3D information of the traffic-scene. The AHS-system uses the driver-assistance-camera to detect a characteristic point of the headlamp’s light distribution (for example the cut off line) and connects this information with a forced movement of the light module, generated by the leveling and the swiveling actuator. The known characteristic point’s movement and the detection of this movement only enable an algorithm to define the current setting of the headlamps. Therefore no special conditions are required. The system works in all situations when the camera can detect the characteristic point's movement."