Greenforce Compact HID100 Issue + upgrade


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May 29, 2017
Hi guys,

New to the forum here, have a couple of questions; I recently got a second hand Greenforce Compact HID100 with Flexi II pack; when I received the torch, I went to switch it on and the bulb came on for a couple of seconds. It then switched off and I started hearing a buzzing sound coming from the inside of the torch body.

I took the connector of the torch out and it didn't look like it was a connection shorting out; cable and battery pack look fine as well. I then went to get the bulb out to check if it was blown but I could not access it as the lens is glued on (managed to get the top o-ring out).

I was wondering if anyone had this buzzing problem before with greenforce HID heads; also I was perhaps thinking of modifying the head with LEDs and was wondering if anyone had ever tried anything on a similar head and if you have any suggestions on the process.

Thanks already for the help (I can post pics of the torch too)!! :):)

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