Help needed fast. Quality THROWER $75range


Jul 25, 2002
Nashville, TN
ok guys i been a member for quite a while (got a few of McGizmos EARLY surefire color led mods:nana:) and i learned long ago to stay away from this site or id be broke and/or divorced.

anyways i always get my Father and Brother in-laws flashlights for Christmas. in the past ive gotten them a nice 1x123 or 1xAA lights. this year id like to go in a different direction and get them a nice thrower, something w/a little wow factor. every vacation or night time get together i bust out some of my Brighter big lights and they are always stealing them for the night. So,, i'd like to get them their own Throwers this year.

what im looking for is good build quality and best bang for my buck in a AA configuration preferably or if need be ill go cr123 route (prefer not to b/c i end up being the battery supplier then) but if the cr123 is the better bet ill do that.

Size isnt too important, but if possible id prefer something no bigger than say like a Surefire M6 or M4tactical. My price range is $75ish although cheaper is deffinately better but if a few more bucks makes a huge deal in what i can step up to ill consider that as well.

ive got to get these ORDERED ASAP so hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction in time for me to order and have Santa deliver.

oh and believe me ive been researching the forums but geez there are sooo many lights to read about and my wife is giving me the evil eye already (she remembers all the cash i spent when i frequented here :devil:).

anyways thanks in advance and please be so kind as to guide me to my best lumen/throwing for the cash options..

p.s. when i say throwing i dont mean to stress that it has to have tons of long distance throw but some, probally should have said BRIGHT, just wanna see that grin when they fire them up.

p.s.s mutiple cells are fine. edited per response below