I'm crazy...and going to start making lights full time


Aug 9, 2010
Mountain View, CA
Hi CPF'ers! I've been away from the boards for a while and spending a ton of time in the shop. I know this is a little crazy and might seem out of the blue, but I've decided I love making flashlights! I also decided to stop looking for a new day job, bought a CNC mill, and jumped into the deep end.

I started a blog to document my journey and wanted to get some content up before posting my intentions here. I know the people here at CPF are expert and discerning flashlight users, and to be honest, putting this out to the CPF community is a little intimidating. However, I hope that all of you can be collaborators, advisors, supporters, and hopefully customers some day!

Right now I'm about to finish my first prototype run and should have a first run of lights up for sale in a few weeks. For now I'm hoping you'll check out my blog, participate, and help spread the word to the rest of the world that doesn't know how awesome flashlights can be. I also want to say thanks to everyone here that has helped my flashlight education. This wouldn't be possible without this forum.

So, here is the link: www.darksucks.com

I plan to remain very active here but I hope all of you will participate on my blog as well. Pricing isn't set yet, but you can expect it to be in line with current pricing trends for custom lights.

If you go to my blog, I have a special welcome note for CPF members on the left side under stickies that provides a bit more background and explanation.



might as well post the requisite teaser image. I haven't settled on an exact exterior design yet...but it will be something close to this. It's based on a single 18650 and will have either an MCE or XML driven @ 2.8 amps. First production models will have a Ledil Boom SS flood reflector. I like this grooving a lot and will probably proceed with this in the early stages. It's a full radius (round bottom) groove. I don't know about the head design yet. Obviously this has o-rings but I actually like a smooth head a lot. Oh, and they will be electroless nickel plated. This shot is raw aluminum. I'm also considering a full high polish...but that's a lot of extra hand work. Any thoughts on the appearance? Likes, dislikes, suggestions?