Improvised headlamp - Malkoff plus Quark Mini ML


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 19, 2004
Northern Virginia
I got the Malkoff headlamp holder, just the band itself. I tried using it with various Malkoffs (MD2) and Surefire G2x and just didn't like it. The light was too heavy, it wasn't mounted correctly, I had this feeling it would slip out from the headband.

So I got my Four Sevens Quark, the 1x123 model, mini ML and put some tape on the body to make it wider and it is a perfect fit. It's very light and invisible, you can't feel it's there. The low mode is perfect, whatever it is and so is the mid and high.

Perfect for when you have to change a tire in the dark under rain or do some other automotive repair in emergency conditions, or not. or navigating through the woods.

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