Is a USB charging interface safer than a charging station?


May 4, 2014
LRJ88, I do have a multimeter....and I did register 1.5 volts on a Nitecore 18350 cell. I did read your long pinned post, so understand that cell to be no longer used.

I really appreciate your reply, I know you put a lot of work into the topic. Just don't want to have a cell explosion and the potential hazards of it.

But as for regular CR123 cells, are they fairly safe from explosion if used in single cell lights?

DRW, thank you, also, for your reply.
I'm sorry for the late reply, i hadn't noticed the thread updated until now when i saw it in the recents feed.

As people have mentioned before, yeah single CR123 cells are very safe, extremely so. CR123s are overall very stable cells with a shelflife measured in decades rather than years or months, making them very popular to stock up on in general.

You'll be fine with most flashlights today as long as you use single cell flashlights and cells from reputable brands, has a metric assload of information on cells, chargers, all the potential doohickeys you might want about to be safe.