IT guys on CPF


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Dec 16, 2005
As title suggested i wonder what some of you guys in IT sector do.
I kinda need some advice what to learn, my wish is to work from home.
What kind of IT jobs i could work from home, full time jobs, not some part time tasks?
What is in demand these days?
Long story short, what do you suggest that i concentrate all my time to learn?
I am not for programming, something easier but in demand these days.
Thank you for any input or advice because i changed my job, i dont work right now so i have time to learn and practice.
You can send me private message as well if you dont want to write here.
Thank you in advance :)


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Dec 7, 2022
West Virginia, North America
I seem to recall some man in my country went to a library and used a laptop to run the Silk Road and he made quite a bit of money.

Seriously though I studied computer information technology in uni until I was expelled over them feeling unsafe around a terrorist. Sometimes your education that you or the state pays for may be way out of date.

In addition to subpar learning you have to compete with all these talented programmers and tech guys from India some of which are still in India even and work over the internet for a fraction of the cost of an American or European. You also have to compete with all these people that have degrees from years before and your classmates in the same region.

I recommend keeping it as a hobby and find a different line of work.