Jetbeam Jet-II MK


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Dec 19, 2004
Northern Virginia
I got it for the moonlight mode. It runs and runs. Excellent runtime.

I believe I could do with it having one less mode. Moon, low and high. But it has 4 modes.

Reliable. I EDC it on a lanyard. Very compact. Way better than my older FourSevens 1x123 device.

I never had a light with a moon mode before and I actually make use of it. It has 1000 hour runtime. Not really. Just seems like it.


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Aug 9, 2015
My own little Idaho
Elzetta starts where you last left it. First time you fire it up it is on high yeah, but after that memory takes over.

I never figured I'd like a moon light/firefly setting but the Elzetta (and I suppose Jetbeam) is great at 2am. It lights up 10' away nicely with enough spill to not step on a Lego piece barefoot or wake you up if you got up for a nature call.

Kinda stiff due to the double o'ring up front so one hand operation is ok, but I use two hands just to make sure I don't accidently change it to low, which really isn't bad I just prefer it remain on lo/lo at those times.

The 1aa Elzetta or JetBeam low looks bright for 1.5 lumens. At 2am it easily lights the 20 foot hallway in my house with a spill that again keeps you from stepping on a roller skate or goose stepping the bare foot into a piece of furniture. o_O
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