LiIon battery pack


Newly Enlightened
Dec 19, 2011
I've built the light with 7 xmls in series powered by a hbflex(taskled) and now the only thing i have to do is make the battery pack.
I will buy 8 unprotected 18650 but i don't know what is the best solution for wiring them.
(I have a balance charger - Imax B6)

About using a protectoin circuit, i have little understanding.. these are the 2 solutions that i was thinking about, whitch one is the best????
solution 1: the hbflex has low voltage cutoff option and i was thinking of using only that function, wire the batteries 4s2p and charge the whole pack with 16.8V, and once every 15-20 cicles I would open the pack to ballance it.

solution 2: use boards like this one:
i was thinking of using 2 boards and wire them in parallel, but do they also balance the pack when charging?
what kind of charger should i use in this case? in the manual for the balance charger it is written that the charger should only be used with unprotected batteries


Jan 29, 2007
I think 4s2p and a balance lead would be pretty easy/low maintenance since you have a balance charger. Just balance charge it.