Lumapower DX1 mini review


Oct 12, 2005
Green River, Wyoming
I just got my Lumapower DX1 today and already really like it. The light itself was in good shape and feels good in hand, though there is one tiny imperfection on the head of the light that had to of happened during machining as the anodizing is covering it.

After reading up on the assorted extra parts that came with the light, I put some batteries in it. It had the twisty tailcap with momentary on button when I received it. Tried it out and works smoothly, then I tried the reverse clicky tailcap and also like the way it works, and will probably be the one I mostly use.

The beam is not as concentrated as an HD45's, but is just as white and nearly as bright. It has more of a flood beam pattern to it compared to the HD45, but in testing still throw's further than my HD45.

I have my own way of measuring overall output compared to that of Quickbeam which means my numbers can not be directly compared to those from his tests. My overall output box is a 1 square foot white poster board made box.

The overall output of the HD45 on high was 820, the DX1 was showing 808 overall. To show the difference, my Inova T3 only puts out 254 overall and a 2D Maglite is 96.

The throw at 1 meter with the Luxeon V was 3070 according to my Meterman light meter. Which proved to be just slightly higher than my HD45 on high did right before it at 3050. Which is still nothing compared to my throw king Chameleon with Chamelehead at 7620 on table 5 level 5 :)

I'll also compare the K2 led when I receive it from Lumapower and check the difference between it and the Luxeon V led. I'll also post some beamshots when I have some time to do so.
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Apr 29, 2004
Here are some pictures.