Lumintop GT98 & MT90P Beamshot comparison video


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Apr 19, 2022
I must have watched the bilibili video like 1000x before buying the GT98,
if you are doing the same, here is a quick 1 minute video comparing it to a MT90P.

Distance L: Approx. 330m
Distance R: Approx. 450m

I believe the tube to be interchangeable with the GT94X Head,
though I have yet to buy one to test this theory (hopefully soon).

Here is a closer look at the battery tube / carriers:

Here is a photo showing the onboard charging in action, specs are 20v 5a PD 3.0
95w GT98.jpg

More Info (will add any extra info after posting here):

Candela: 334 Lux @ 200 ft = 1,241,185 cd

Weight: 8.1 lb (with 8x P42A)

Lumintop GT98 - 8x Molicel P42A @ 8.4v
Mateminco MT90P - 8x Molicel P28B @ 8.4v

Observed charging time:
Start: 4% (Tail Display Readout)
2min:  10% @ 19.8v 4.8a
5min:  19%
10min: 25%
15min: 32%
20min: 39%
25min: 46% @ 19.9v 4.8a
30min: 52%
35min: 60%
40min: 68%
45min: 74%
50min: 80%
55min: 84%
60min: 89%
65min: 90%
70min: 95% @ 20v 4a
75min: 95% @ 20v 2.5a
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