Maelstrom G5 Lens Install


Newly Enlightened
Sep 8, 2010
I have been having fits trying to determine which way is up when reinstalling the front lens on my Maelstrom G5. I opened the light to install the optional reflector and the lens popped out.

I know there is a front and back to the lens and they are different colors, light blue, light green, but I sure as heck can't make the colors out no matter which way I shine a light through it. I have used a full range of lights at all angles.

Is there anyway other than looking for the colors of the lens ?

I offered to buy a new lens if it could be marked as to how it it is to be installed, but I was told they don't sell replacement lenses.

I am stuck. Is it a big deal as to how the lens is installed? If it is can you help me do it correctly?