Maglite 3D LED with Cree?!?!


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May 11, 2002
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Maglite 3D LED with Cree

I hope this hasn't already been posted anywhere. While out at my local Lowes checking out the Black Friday sales, I noticed that a few of the Mag 3D's had Cree emitters instead of Rebels. Has anyone else seen this?

Sorry about the lousy photo (a combination of bad camera, poor skills, and through the package):

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The packaging of this light in no way differs from the ones with Rebels.


Edit: From the lost posts, it is indeed a Cree XP-E emitter. They are now showing in up in the 2 D Mags as well. According to ANSI figures, the new Cree Mags are a bit brighter & have slightly longer run times.
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