Maha MH C9000 date code question



Hi everyone. I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I was trying to educate myself a little about the C9000 charger and read some threads about the date or firmware code on the bottom of these chargers. Some of the folks thought they had it figured out. My new C9000 came in the mail today (Yay!) and the first thing I looked at was the code on the bottom. It is OJOJA. Anybody got any ideas about this one? Older stock or new one? I remember reading about some firmware issues abd those units had been identified by the code on the bottom, but I honestly don't know where my unit stands regarding if it's a newer model or older one that's been sitting on a shelf somewhere. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I figured if worse come to worse, I could just call Maha and try to get info from them.