More questions for a new 16650 user (w Malkoff E2XTD)


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Sep 30, 2021
Hey guys,

So I think I am starting to get the hang of things with these batteries. But I do have some questions. 7 questions I know is a lot but I really apprecIate all the help!

1. My X-TAR charger has 3 setting 3.8v, 3.6v, and 3.2v. I remember when I first got the charger I read that I should be using the 3.8v for my 4.35v batteries is this correct?

2. what is considered low or almost dead for a keeppower 16650 4.35v 2500mah battery? Mine are the newer ones that do appear to charge all the way to 4.35. I saw a photo for 18650 that said 3.6v was about 10% would that be also true for a 16650? I’m trying to figure out how to tell where the batteries are at based on the bolts as the indicator on the xtar charger doesn’t seem to be super accurate, I’ll put a battery on and itlll show 50% on the indicator but after a couple minutes on the charger it is more like 80%

3. They say not to store batteries fully charged, if I have 3 batteries that get changed out every couple weeks to a month, is that too long to be storing with a full charge?

4. I read somewhere that it is better to top off the batteries vs draining all the way and then charging, is that true? What are best practices for draining and charging?

5. I am charging at .5 when not in a hurry and 1 when in a hurry, any issues with that?

6. how long is too long to store fully charged?

7. Is there any tell tale sign the batteries are at the end of their life span like not charging all the way to 4.35 or is it just that they loose charge faster?

Any other tips for a newbie would be much appreciated

Thanks guys


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Feb 8, 2007

Way, I mean way overthinking this bunnies..

1. Charge at 1A to 4.2V
2. enjoy your light down to 3.0V

3. repeat 1&2