Multi-LED, Multi-Cell P60 drops?


Newly Enlightened
Jan 12, 2006
Is anyone currently doing any multi-cell (2 x 18500) multi-LED, multi-stage p60 drops currently? Oveready seems to be dropping out of that space in favor of their forthcoming custom solution, and everyone else doesn't really seem to do anything multi-cell, especially with the multiple-LED configurations. (And while I'm sure I'll pick up whatever solution Oveready comes out with eventually, I've got enough money sunk in the two Surefires I have now that I won't just abandon them.)

I have a bored C3 and 9P that I was hoping to get ~1000 lumen, 3-stage, neutral drops for--but they seem to have dropped off the map! Am I wrong? Is someone doing these that I haven't heard about?