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Oct 16, 2008
You've all probable seen a hundred of these before (sorry if that’s the case).

Just thought I'd post this to gauge opinion as I'm thinking about putting this in to production.



Inside are 3 P4's U2 bin code driven at 1Amp and driving it is a Taskled bflex in a small acrylic dome on the back of the lamp so has thermal protection etc, I will add photo's of that later.

The switch isn't on the rear of the lamp it's on the end of about 8" of wire and has a velcro strap so it can be mounted right next to your grip's so you don't need to take your hand's off the bars to adjust the light.

It's powered by an 11.1v 4400mAh battery pack (6 18650 cells)

Burn time on high is 4 hours.

I'm thinking of selling them for about £180 + P&P.

I will also be able to offer it in any of the standard anodized colours, red, blue, green, pink, gold etc......

What do you think?

I'm also planning a version with 3 Cree MC-E's run @ 350mAh which should produce about 1200lm (on paper that is) burn time will be about 4 hours not sure about cost yet got to source the LED's.


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Oct 27, 2007
Akron, Ohio
Why on bike lights do they not look into advanced lead acid Agm sla's(sealed lead acid)--a car agm goes for $130 at Autozone? You could get a 9 amp hour 12 volt 4 lb (or two lb at 4.5 amp hour) for something like dirt cheap, and a charger that could do one, two, three, four etc cells at a time (think team or family.) I am hearing conflicting recommendations at charging rate. I suspect %50 capacity amps to charge will be fine, as long as carefully monitored and not over done by even a few minutes. With no alternative on hAnd, I have two impatient cycles of 1c charging, that has taken under half hour, carefully watched, and got away with it-maybe.

The cycle specs of an agm