Newbie Questions about Malkoff Devices



I have come across the mention of Malkoff devices while reading some posts on this forum and I was wondering if I understood the basic idea correctly and if some of the members here could help clarify things for me.

1) A Malkoff device will provide better output and increase run time of an incandescent light by using an LED emitter ?

2) Does this mean a Malkoff device is not as useful with a LED flashlight ?

3) For instance the 6P incandescent light from Surefire advertises a 65 lumen output for 60 min. So if I were to use a M61LL device on it then it would have a 100 lumen output for 10 hours ?

Also Sure fire has it's own LED version of 6p which advertises 120 lumen for 2 hours. But this still does not seem to be as good as a 100 lumen output for 10 hours. Why is that so ?

Looking forward to any clarifications on the above. Thanks :)