Nitecore SRT9 replacement?


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Jan 29, 2021
First time poster but long time lurker :)

I recently lost my beloved SRT9 and was disappointed to see that it has been put out to pasture. Before looking for a replacement on some marketplace I wanted to see if there was a good replacement. So far I am struggling to find one! I am looking for:
- one or multiple 18650s preferred... standard preferred rather than these newfangled custom USB-C cells since I have many 18650s. I'll budge on this if I have to however.
- white light at least 2000lm like the SRT9
- integrated UV of decent power
- at least red LED as well if not a RGB cluster like the SRT9
- I loved the Nitecore control ring and infinitely adjustable white but I will give that up if it's gone
- this would be a working light, not collect/display so

i truly loved this light and am surprised they discontinued it with no apparent replacement?


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Jan 27, 2021
Central Iowa
First time poster but long time lurker :)

Someone on here will get me saying "I never made the connection" to this :)

If you are attached to an SRT9 I have seen some on Ebay recently. Might want to check there. As far as a replacement I cannot help you out much there.


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May 6, 2010
Olight Freyr is the closest modern equivalent. Although no UV option and a slightly lower max white light output.


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Jan 13, 2021
Just some things to consider on your search...

It's my understanding that Nitecore is going away from the rings to improve water submersion performance (although I'm willing to bet there's a labor and parts cost savings that might have factored in). There's still an SRT listed but it's a single 18650 at half your lumen requirement, but has twice the throw of your SRT9 (spotlight versus floodier). Their MH series has been expanded with a two sided mode button version of the smart ring light: MH27UV.

I don't know if when you are referring to "USB-C" cells if you are referring to protected cells, cells with a charging port on their protection circuitry, or flashlights with a USB-C port, but I think these characteristics are going to become the new standard on rechargable lights. USB-C allows for more amps and faster charging. Protected cells and the newer style +/- on the same end, IMO, make charging multi cell lights using onboard charging safer (this is my assumption, also for why soda pop can style is replacing longer batteies-in-series orientation lights).

Athough I also appreciate the smaller battery size lights, the newer 21700's are a significant boost in runtime performance. Additionally, if +/- on one or both side batteries are going to become standard in the flashlight arena, I like Nitecore's implementation... hopefully they will have more compatibility then some other brands' versions with +/- on one side only.

I haven't done much research into 2000+ lumen lights with UV, but might have a look if I have time later. There's a thread on here with a dual head flashlight with optional UV head.


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Apr 21, 2020
There's at least a small cache of SRT9's available in Australia. I just bought a brand new one and it arrived within a week. The Australian nitecore website doesn't list the srt9 as discontinued either but that may be an oversight.

I discovered this cache while searching the localized Australian version of a famous auction site and then googling the seller and finding they had an online store with their own domain with even better prices. What a stroke of luck.