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Apr 8, 2002
I understand the world is somewhat sideways currently and people are having to adjust to the political, medical, sociological, etc. climate. Tensions and emotions run high. I get it. And yes, I feel it too. But CPF is not the place for inflammatory, fear mongering, bigoted, racist, out-right disgusting and offensive posts. There are many other places on the World Wide Web for that - go find them.

That being said - there are a few members here who we are having to constantly follow behind them and clean up their garbage. We're not doing it anymore. You will be banned - permanently. We've been lenient. We've tried diplomacy. We've tried gentle (and not so gentle) warnings. You've chosen to ignore all that. We now chose not to deal with it anymore.

If you do not know the difference between what it acceptable and what is not here on CPF, then either don't post or go find somewhere else to post. We don't have time to try to teach you the difference.

As a side note: It's somewhat sad to me that we (the mods and admins of CPF) have had to use the term "the usual suspects" when it becomes necessary to handle things around here. It is very frustrating.

I will not be allowing comments on this post. There's nothing more to be said. Except I am very sorry it has had to come to this. :shakehead
Not open for further replies.