Question For All Fenix TK 45 Owners



I've had my Tk 45 for 3 weeks now and for the most part absolutelly love. Today however, I decided to play around with the low intensity setting to see how each individual led compares to the other when they rotate after being turned on and off. I've noticed the left led (relative to your thumb when it is on the on/off switch) is slightly dimmer than the other two. I've compared it to another TK 45 my friend has and his is a lot better, although that same led is still slightly, just slightly dimmer than the other two? Also, his light is barely recognizable, but still slightly brighter than mine on all modes, when comparing side to side. I'm a bit worried I'm not achieving full output because of that one led.

Have any of you noticed this? Do you think it's a led, reflector, or circuitry problem? And is this something you all could live with or would you consider sending the light in for warranty?

P.S. Dont hate me in case ive just made you discover something about your previously regarded perfect light :) Maybe its just an issue with mine