Rayovac T1 bulbs

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Jan 2, 2003
Green Bay, WI
Hello everyone! This is my first post on CPF.
So I'll keep it simple.

I'm not a big ML fan, but I just came across these Rayovac T1 bulbs at Wal*Mart and thought I'd try them out and see if I could improve on the stock mini-ML bulbs.

Each bulb was run in a mini-ML for about an hour. The bulb on the left is the standard mini-ML T1 bulb. The one on the right is the Rayovac T1 bulb. Note the larger glass area of the ROV and how it didn't get black like the typical ML T1 did.


The ROV T1 bulb seems to be somewhat brighter than the ML T1 (maybe 20% more) and less yellow too. To me, the larger glass area should allow the bulb to run cooler; resulting in a longer run-time for the bulb before failing. Those stock ML T1's fail way too quickly! My kids "use" a couple of these mini-ML's with the new ROV T1 bulbs, so I'll watch and see how they last.

Well, so much for my first post.

I have several new Streamlights that I'd like to write mini-reviews for (with screen shots of course), but I thought I'd start with something simple first while getting comfortable using this new board.
My favorite light so far is the SL 4aa (latest version with clicky switch and integrated lens/lamp).
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