Recommend a 16mm circuit board?


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Aug 12, 2008
I'm getting a little carried away with modding my RC-G2, but I know next to nothing about the drivers in these things.

I recently swapped out the P4 LED with a Q5 and it is a bit brighter. I'd like to drive this quite a bit harder with a 14500 cell, but I can't seem to find a 16mm 1-mode driver that can accept a voltage range of .9 volts to 4.5 volts. DX has their SKU 4735 which seems to be ideal, but they never have it in stock. The reason for the voltage range is because I'd like to be able to use a AA cell if needed.

Can anyone recommend a 16mm driver that is in stock somewhere? I don't want any modes in this one.

Thanks in advance!
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Mar 1, 2007
Naoussa Greece
well many people have upgraded with the Dx 7880 & 7882 drivers that are 17mm.
In essence they shorten the "pill" and let it screw on the top driver rim to make contact.

For more info search for a thread that says something liek :"this is the old RC-G2 thread" in the LED Flashlights subforum. All you need to know is there!