[Review] - Niwalker ET Mini V2 - 3000k+6000k, 3050lm, 18350/20350 - by Lock


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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone… today we see theNiwalker ET Mini V2: small and powerful multifunctional torch equipped with double head and powered by 18350/20350 cells. Here the link of the company, here the link of the product




Packaging and content
The Niwalker ET MINI comes in a small square-shaped rigid cardboard box. Inside, arranged neatly, we find all the accessories. In my case the package includes:
• Niwalker ET MINI torch
• Spare O-rings
• User manual
• Wrist strap
• Type-C charging cable



The ET mini is available for sale in different colors:
• Classic Black
• Passionate Red
• Elegant Blue
• Vibrant Orange (as seen in this review)
• Olive Green
• Desert Tan

Two versions are available for purchase V1 and V2 (seen in this review)
• The V1 version is equipped with 1x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM (2W) 6000K 635 lumens at the Turbo + 1x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM (2W) 4000K 623 lumens at the Turbo, OP reflector on both
• V2 version is equipped with 1x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM (3W) 3000K OP reflector, 1100 lumens at Turbo + 3x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM (2W) 6000K with TIR lens, 2350 lumens at Turbo

Main features and technical specifications
• Model: ETMINI V2
• Output: Max 3050 Lumens with Turbo as:
o 3*LED 6000K (CW) : 2350 Lumens
o 1*LED 3000K (NW) : 1100 Lumens
• Intensity: 8380cd with medium brightness
• Beam distance: 183 Meter
• Side Switch with status LED.
• Charging Port: Type-C Fast charging
• Battery: One high drain and unprotected 18350/20350 cell (not included)
• Lockout
• Memory Mode
• Optic: Standard TIR Optic Lens + Orange Peel reflector
• Body: Aluminum with hard Finishing
• Magnetic Tailcap
• Weight: 102g/3.5oz without battery
• Waterproof: IPX7 1m underwater for 30min max
• Dimension: 46*26*71mm/ 1.8*1*2.79 inches

The body and materials
The Niwalker ET MINI is a powerful and compact EDC flashlight. With its extremely small size and relatively low weight, it can be easily carried in a pocket, purse or backpack. Power is not lacking: in fact, at the Turbo, using both heads, the flashlight is able to produce an output of 3050 lumens.


The ET mini is equipped with:

• 1x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM 3W LED with 6000K tint, with a maximum output of 2350 lumens associated with an Orange Peel reflector
• 3x 2W OSRAM PUSRA1.PM LEDs with 3000K tint, maximum output of 1100 lumens, topped by a TIR lens

The head has deep dissipation fins.


The bezels are made of steel


The switch is electronic, made of rubber, slightly protruding and with a status LED inside that lights up to indicate to the user the amount of residual charge inside the cell.


On the opposite side of the switch we find the Type-C fast charging port well hidden by a thick rubber pad.


The central body has quite deep grooves that further help in heat dissipation when using the flashlight on high levels.


The tailcap is machined with vertical grooves that guarantee a perfect grip when opening the battery compartment. It is magnetic and allows the torch to be attached both horizontally and vertically to any ferromagnetic surface


Just under the head a ring allows through the presence of a small hole to be able to connect small carabiners, key rings or wrist straps to the flashlight.


The build quality is excellent, the anodization is beautiful and also the color. The sensation to the touch is absolutely robust, it almost seems to hold a small block of solid metal in your hands.
The particular shape of the body obviously prevents rolling on inclined surfaces.

The ET MINI is essentially divisible into three parts: head, body and tailcap


The contacts with the cell are guaranteed, at the positive pole, by a very thick and protruding golden button while at the negative pole by a large golden spring that can be removed for the removal of the neodymium magnet.



The threads are sliding, and are all anodized, so physical lockout of the interface is possible.
In the vicinity of each thread there is an o-ring which prevents water and dirt from penetrating inside the torch. The ET MINI is classified as waterproof according to the IPX7 standard.

Well done lettering.

There is no cell in the package. The ET mini can be powered by 18350 but also by 20350 cells (unfortunately I don't have any cells of this format yet)
Given the high absorption, it is advisable, for this model, to use only quality cells and High Drain.

User Interface
The Niwalker ET MINI V2 has a UI that vaguely resembles the Anduril given the many special functions it is equipped with.

I like the fact that you can choose whether or not to activate both heads, so it is possible to illuminate only with warm light, only cold light or by switching on both heads to have a neutral color mixed.

There is direct access to the Turbo and firefly mode, two 5Hz and 10Hz strobe modes as well as all the special flashing functions Beacon, CandleLight, Cycling, Power Monitor. There is also a timer function for self-shutdown and Momentary on (Morse Code - Tactical).
The variation of the levels is done through the stepped ramping, ascending and descending. There is no ramping without fixed levels.

Below is an extract from the user manual with all the instructions.



Tint, beam and beamshot
As we have seen, the ET MINI has two heads equipped with different LEDs. One with TIR lens with CW LED that produces a particularly flood beam and an OP parabola that produces a slightly narrower but not shooting beam.

When both heads are turned on, the resulting light has an almost Neutral hue, pleasing to the eye.
The two shades of color are clearly visible at the edges of the beam.

Following are some Turbo shots with Warm, Cool and Warm + Cool mixed colors

Beamshot #1 - WW - CW - WW+CW

Beamshot #2 - WW - CW - WW+CW

Beamshot 3 - WW - CW - WW+CW

Beamshot 4 - WW+CW

Beamshot 5 - WW+CW

Final remarks


• Excellent build quality
• Flood and Throw beam
• Good power
• Excellent regulation
• Abundant thicknesses
• Double color WW and CW which, if necessary, becomes NW using both heads
• Perfect EDC flashlight, lots of power if needed, constant medium / low light for many hours

• I would have liked to have found a 20350 cell in the package, since I have never had one and since the ET MINI is designed to use this format.

Thanks for reading...XD!!!