[REVIEW] Speras M1


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Jul 29, 2017
Hello everyone, today we will review the Speras M1, a really small but very bright flashlight sent to me by Speras herself; which I thank for the opportunity and the trust given to me, specifically for the review.


Here are some useful links;

The official torch page: http://speraslight.com/index.php?case=archive&act=show&aid=62
The Speras site: http://speraslight.com/

The Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/speras_flashlight/


The Speras M1 comes in a white cardboard box, with a photo of the torch and various data, and a description of the torch.


Inside we find the Speras M1 with the 14500 li-ion battery inserted (with an insulating separator inside), the lanyard, the spare orings, the manual and a small needle that serves to hook the strap to the torch.


The Speras M1 is really small and light, it sits quietly in the palm of your hand and even if you keep it in your pocket it doesn't bother you.
In fact it can easily be in the trouser pocket without any problem or hassle.

Its weight with and without battery is:

Here are some dimensional comparisons with commonly used objects:


The M1 has a small smooth bezel that protrudes about a mm, to protect the lens; below which we find the XPL2-W2 led perfectly centered at the base of the small orange-peel dish.

On the head, in addition to the Speras logo, to other writings, we find three grooves that help dissipate the heat produced by the LED; and finally we find the Power button.
The only button of the torch is of silver metal, protrudes about a couple of mm (which makes it easy to find even in complete darkness), it is silent while it is pressed and has a symbol imprinted on its surface; symbol that I remember an 8, the symbol of infinity or an hourglass.

After that we find the body of the torch, which has a more aggressive knurling, perfect to give greater torch grip.
At the bottom of the torch we find the seat of the clip, with the well-made metal clip already inserted; the hole for the strap.
The tailcap, is smooth, magnetic (therefore useful to illuminate by hanging the torch to metal surfaces) and it cannot be disassembled as it is one with the body of the torch.

Unscrewing the head of the torch we immediately notice the oring and the well greased fillets (they flow very well and give an IPX8 degree of impermeability), the positive pole is formed by a golden disk.
The negative pole instead is formed by a golden spring.


As previously mentioned, the torch comes with the 14500 Li-ion battery, the lanyard and the clip:


The 14500 lithium ion battery is branded Speras, has a capacity of 750 mAh, and has a positive protruding pole;

Here some of his photos:

The Clip;

it is made of polished silver metal, it is well made and finished, it has a good elasticity and a good resistance.

Il Lacciolo;

it is black, anonymous, with a large and soft part (to be placed on the wrist) and a thin and resistant part to be fixed to the torch. The two parts are joined by a plastic coupling, and there is a double ring that serves to adapt the lanyard to the wrist.


The interface of the M1 is very simple; I start by saying that the torch always lights up at the level we left when we turned it off:

To turn on the torch just press the button, in this way the torch will light up at the memorized level, which can be the medium (70 Lumen) or the maximum (1000 Lumen); attention that the maximum level changes according to the battery, 1000 lumens are with the 14500, while if a normal AA is used the lumens fall to 270.

Once lit, just press again to go to the next level.
To turn it off instead you need to hold the button.

Whether on or off, if you press the button twice quickly, the torch will switch to the Strobe (1000 Lumen), if you repeat the operation instead you will go to SOS (70 Lumen); if you press the button you will go to the previous fixed or off level.

From off, you can turn on the torch at the low level (1 Lumen) by holding down the button.

To recharge the battery, just use a normal micro USB cable and a normal power supply, or a powerbank; a red LED will light up, when it turns green, the recharge will be completed.


Following the data of Lux, Lumen and Runtime:


The small orange-peel dish together with the small XPL2-W2 LED, not too small compared to the parable; obviously gives a basically Flood beam, with a wide spill and a spot.

The spill starts at about 1 mt from the user's feet, keeping the torch parallel to the ground at a height of about one meter; to follow the photos of the beam and of the opening:

The color varies from a beautiful cold white without too much dominant in the spill, to a slightly yellowish white in the crown of the spot.

Here the beamshot at 10 meters in the two levels:

Here instead the beamshot at 25 mt in the two levels:


So, personally I believe that the Speras M1 embodies the perfect kind of minimal EDC torch, that is small, very little bulky, light and you can keep it anywhere.
It is very bright, very easy to use, and when needed can illuminate the surroundings with as many as 1000 lumens, it has a magnetic bottom (ideal for lighting something up with hands free, for example to light up the car's engine compartment in case of failure) , also if necessary it has interesting levels like the SOS or the strobe (imagine being stuck with the car and having to signal the position, with the flashing levels for sure you will notice) and, finally, you can recharge with the same cable and power supply of the mobile phone, or the powerbank.
The beam, being very large, is ideal for illuminating the surroundings or closed environments (such as domestic environments), but thanks to its 1000 lumens; it can illuminate even at considerable distances, it comes to illuminate well at around 50 mt real.
I personally, in addition to trying it for several days, I happened to use it at home during a blackout, and I must say that the wide beam and the 70 lumens of the medium level were perfect for moving in all domestic environments and in the garden without any problem .
And thanks to the IPX8 degree of impermeability there are no problems using it in the rain or even dipping it (IPX8 = under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes)
In short, all in all it is a torch that is worth buying and is one of the ones that most impressed me in recent times.
I recommend it to anyone who needs a torch to take with you at all times; women, girls who return home in the dark (for example during the winter), to workers who need a tiny but very bright light source. In short, it is a torch that everyone should have.

As evidenced by the words written, I can say that the Speras torches are of good quality and are a perfect combination of comfort and ease of use; all made excellent by a perfect selection of levels and ease of use.


As always I thank all those who will lose a few minutes to read my review, in particular I thank Speras for the trust and the opportunity granted to me.

Hello everyone and the next review :)