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Apr 29, 2006
Central Florida, USA
Every time when I want to buy a light, usually the runtime is the first thing I try to look for, unfortunately they appear to be scattered about the place. So I decided to collect them into one thread...sounds hilarious I know [being that theres so many], but we really need an index of all the lights we have runtimes for in one place...saves search time for one thing. Building a subforum where just pressing CTRL+F and type in what light your looking for to find the runtime, how how can that be?:)

heres what I have as far as my bookmark goes [they are not organized in any way]
EDIT: Shorting things up a bit, I was doing this on a notepad and I wasn't able to put the link on the name, fixed now

[BigWaffles] Inova Bolt 2A on Energizer Alkalines

[BigWaffles] Inova Bolt 3A with Energizer Alkalines

[BigWaffles] Surefire 6P with the standard P60 module.

[BigWaffles] Surefire 6PL with the P60L module on Surefire primaries

[Chevrofreak] P60L/SureFire P60L.png

[BigWaffles] Surefire A2 with white LEDs. This graph is of the Incan & LEDs on Surefire Primaries.

[BigWaffles] Surefire A2 on LED only with fresh Surefire primaries

[BigWaffles] Surefire E2L. High level with Surefire Primaries.

[BigWaffles] Surefire E2L Low with Surefire Primaries

[BigWaffles] Surefire G3L with the P60L LED on Surefire Primaries.

[BigWaffles] Surefire G3 with the P90 Incan on Surefire Primaries

[BigWaffles] Surefire G3 with the High Output P91 lamp

[BigWaffles] Mag3D with the Mag LED drop-in.

[BigWaffles] Mini-Mag with the stock Incan

[BigWaffles] Mini-Mag with the Niteize 3LED drop-in running on Energizer Alkalines.

[BigWaffles] Inova X5 with Surefire primaries

[BigWaffles] Mag 3D with stock Incan. This is using Energizer Alkalines

[BigWaffles] Mini-Mag with a Niteize 1W single LED drop-in on Energizer Alkalines

[BigWaffles] Mag 3D with a Niteize 10mm LED drop-in. This is running on Energizer Alkalines

[BigWaffles] Mini-Mag with the SMJLED puck running on Energizer alkalines.

[BigWaffles] Fenix E01 running on an Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA.

[BigWaffles] Terralux TLE-6EXB in a Maglite 3D host with Energizer Alkalines.

[Bigwaffles] Terralux TLE-1F drop-in with a 3D Maglite

[Bigwaffles] Niteize 1W LED with a 3D Maglite

[Bigwaffles] Mag3D compiled


[Chevrofreak] [ones not shown here available at]

Civictor V1 V1.png
Fenix E0 E0.png
Fenix E1 E1 - various cells.png
Fenix T1 high T1/Fenix T1 - high.png
Fenix T1 low T1/Fenix T1 - low.png
Fenix P2D low P2D/Fenix P2D - low.png
Fenix P2D medium P2D/Fenix P2D - medium.png
Fenix P2D high P2D/Fenix P2D - high.png
Fenix P2D max P2D/Fenix P2D - max.png
Fenix P3D low P3D/Fenix P3D - low.png
Fenix P3D Medium P3D/Fenix P3D - medium.png
Fenix P3D High P3D/Fenix P3D - high.png
Fenix P3D max P3D/Fenix P3D - max.png
Fenix P1D-CE low part1 P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - low - RCR123.png
Fenix P1D-CE low part2 P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - low.png
Fenix P1D-CE medium P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - medium.png
Fenix P1D-CE high P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - high.png
Fenix P1D-CE strobe P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - strobe.png
Fenix P1D-CE SOS P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE - S.O.S..png
Fenix P1D-CE H,M,L P1D series/Fenix P1D CE/Fenix P1D CE.png
Fenix P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - High SE/Fenix P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - High.png
Fenix P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - low P1D CE - Q2 SE/Fenix P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - Low.png
Fenix P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - Medium P1D CE Q2 SE vs standard - medium.png
Fenix L2D-CE High L2D CE/Fenix L2D CE - high.png
Fenix L2D-CE Low L2D CE/Fenix L2D CE - low.png
Fenix L2D-CE Medium L2D CE/Fenix L2D CE - medium.png
Fenix L2D-CE Max L2D CE/Fenix L2D CE - max.png
Fenix L2P v2.0 high L2P V2.0/Fenix L2P V2.0 - high.png
Fenix L2P v2.0 low L2P V2.0/Fenix L2P V2.0 - low.png
Fenix L0D-CE High L0D CE/Fenix L0D CE - high.png
Fenix L0D-CE Medium L0D CE/Fenix L0D CE - medium.png
Fenix L0D-CE Low L0D CE/Fenix L0D CE - low.png
Fenix L0D-CE High 10440 L0D CE/10440/Fenix L0D CE - high - 10440.png
Fenix L0D-CE Medium 10440 L0D CE/10440/Fenix L0D CE - medium - 10440.png
Fenix L0D-CE Low 10440[Chevrofreak] L0D CE/10440/Fenix L0D CE - low - 10440.png
Huntlight FT01 FT01.png
Huntlight FT01SXE FT01XSE.png
Huntlight FT02 FT02.png
Huntlight FT-03PJ-A2 FT03PJ-A2.png
Huntlight FT-03XJ-A2 FT-03XJ-A2.png
Huntlight FT-04XJA3 FT-04XJA3/Huntlight FT-04XJA3.png
Inova XO3 X03 - Sanyo CR123a vs Pila 168S.png
Inova X1 X1.png
Jetbeam Jet-1 MK-II MKII/Jetbeam MKII.png
Lumapower D-mini D-Mini/Lumapower D-Mini.png
Lumapower F1 F1.png
CR2 ion
Streamlight Propolymer 2AA LED ProPolymer 2AA LED.png
Streamlight Propolymer 4AA Luxeon Part1 ProPolymer 4AA Luxeon.png
Streamlight Propolymer 4AA Luxeon Part2 ProPolymer 4AA Luxeon - Ni-MH.png
Surefire E2e, MN03 Part 1 E2e - lithium primary.png
Surefire E2e, MN03 Part 2 E2e.png
Surefire U2 Level 1 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_1.png
Surefire U2 Level 2 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_2.png
Surefire U2 Level 3 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_3.png
Surefire U2 Level 4 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_4.png
Surefire U2 Level 5 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_5.png
Surefire U2 Level 6 U2/Surefire_U2_-_level_6.png
Spy 005 Level 1 005/Spy 005 - level 1.png
Spy 005 Level 2 005/Spy 005 - level 2.png
Spy 005 Level 3 005/Spy 005 - level 3.png
Spy 005 Level 4 005/Spy 005 - level 4.png
Spy 005 Level 5 005/Spy 005 - level 5.png
Spy 005 Level 6 005/Spy 005 - level 6.png
Spy 005 All Level 005/Spy 005.png
Mcgizmo XR27C
minimagLED 2AA
minimagLED 3AA
c0t0d0s0's contribution

Surefire M6: MN21 vs MN20

Surefire M6: LF-HO-M6R

Surefire M6: EO-M3T vs. MN20

Surefire M6 all:


2007 E2L Single stage CR123A

2007 E2L Single stage 17670

2008 E2L high CR123A

2008 E2L high 14650

[jch9] McLux III-PD UX1K - Runtime charts

Surefire Titan high



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EDIT: :oops: , forgot all about Chao's Runtimes
His runtimes are hosted on geocities, so they should be good for awhile

Surefire Titan
Urnabeam Beacon Review: vs. CL1H, WE Sniper, Solarforce R2 (Outdoor Beamshots)
LD01 vs. L0D
Olight T25 regular version (with beamshots and runtimes)
Surefire E2DL single output model (w/beamshots and runtime)
Brinkmann 3W "Scroll" flashlight
Huntlight FT-01 PJ XR-E (beamshots and runtime)
EO-E1R and HO-E2A from lumens factory (beamshots)
Surefire 2008 KX2 head (dual-output)
Fenix E20, TK20 beamshots and runtimes
My Surefire E1B Backup (Beamshots and runtime)
Dosun R1, 2AA light
2007 Inova T1-beamshots and runtime
Olight T20 Q5-beamshots and runtime (now, vs P3D Q5)
Surefire Cree L1, E2L beamshots, lux readings, and runtimes
L1D CE beamshots (2/28, 14500 runtime updated)
Got my P3D, lux readings were...(now, with runtime graph)
My Jetbeam MKIIX beamshots and runtimes

PS: Don't forget the pioneers: Quickbeam and The_LED_Museum, and Roy for making the first review/runtimes available to us :grin2:

:oops: again, forgot all about Roy, his runtimes are hosted on jtices site, so they should last indefinitely. Keep in mind these were posted back in Aug 2003 [+]
AA MiniMag PLOT---2h
AAA MiniMag PLOT ---1 hr
AAA MiniMag/Lt-1 PLOT ---5h 45m
AAA MiniMag/Lt-1/L92 PLOT 6h 24m
AdvancedMart Chromed Brass 0.5W CR2 PLOT ---6h 22m
Anglelux 1W Flashlight PLOT---24h 18m
Anglelux 2C Flashlight PLOT ---3h 28m
Anglelux 3W Flashlight PLOT---9h 32m
ARC AA White PLOT---10h 12m
ARC AAA IR PLOT---11h 30m
ARC AAA TQ PLOT---8h 30m
Arc AAA White PLOT---7h 45m
ARC AAAA PLOT---3h 30m
ARC N PLOT ---4h 40m
ARC LS 3.6v Lithium PLOT---20m
ARC SLS 123 PLOT---2h 20m
ARC SLS 1xAA PLOT---4h 45m
ARC SLS 2xAA PLOT---3h 20m
Bil-Lite S.U.I. PLOT---30m
Brinkmann Long Life LED PLOT---23h 7m
CMG Infinity Ultra-G PLOT--11h 15m
CMG Reactor Alkaline PLOT---1h 15m
CMG Reactor Lithium PLOT---16h
CMG Sonic PLOT---3h 58m
EternaLight Marine PLOT---11h 45m
Dorcy AAA PLOT ---3h 45m
Fenix E1 AAA Alkaline PLOT---3h
Fenix E1 AAA Lithium PLOT---4h 46m
Fenix L0P AAA Alkaline PLOT---1h 29m
Fenix L0P AAA Lithium PLOT---1h
Fenix L1P AA Lithium PLOT---3h 13m
Fenix L1P AA Akaline PLOT---1h 51m
Fenix L2P AA Akaline PLOT---1h 47m
Fenix L2P AA Lithium PLOT---5h 11m
Fenix L2P 1xCR2 PLOT---59m
Fire~Fly PLOT---1h 25m
Fire~Fly-2 PLOT---57m
Fire~Fly-2 CR2 PLOT---22m
Heliotek HTE-1 Battery Station Lithium PLOT ---7h 3m
Heliotek HTE-1 L91 PLOT ---7h 27m
Heliotek HTE-1 Alkaline PLOT ---2h 55m
Inova 24/7 PLOT ---5h 43m
Inova X0 PLOT---4h 8m
Inova X1 PLOT---5h 51m
Inova X5 PLOT---4h 2m
Inretech AA PLOT---1h 45m
Inretech AAA PLOT PLOT---45m
Lambda Illuminator PILL Alkaline PLOT---1h 40m
Lambda Illuminator PILL Lithium PLOT---2h 15m
LED Ear-Lite PLOT---20m
Legend LX PLOT---35m
Li14430 High Power PLOT ---1h 14m
Li14430 Low Power PLOT ---5h 33m
Lightwave 4000 PLOT---48h
longbow Micra PLOT ---1h 17m
Longbow Mini PLOT ---2h 51m
MadMax Adjustable PLOT---3h
MadMax Sandwitch Alkaline PLOT ---1h 25m
MadMax Sandwitch Lithium PLOT---1h 45m
MadMax+ Q3 2xAA PLOT---1h 18m
MadMax+ Q3 1x123PLOT ---1h 23m
MadMax-Cyan PLOT---2h 38m
MagmaLED-AAA PLOT---10h 30m
McLux PLOT---1h 58m
McGizmo SF L1 PR-T 917ma LUX III Hi Power PLOT---1h 31m
McGizmo SF L1 PR-T 917ma LUX III LO Power PLOTA PLOTB---31h
Micro-Illuminator PLOT---1h 24m
Milkbone 1x123 PLOT ---2h 47m
Milkbone 2xAA PLOT ---2h 47m
Milkmann LX PLOT ---1h 2m
Mini LGI Alkaline PLOT---1h 45m
Mini LGI NiMH PLOT---45m
Mini-MiniMag PLOT---2h 5 m
Mini Mag LED 2xAA Alkaline PLOT---3h 45m
Mini Mag LED 2xAA Lithium PLOT---6h
Mini Mag LED 3xAA Alkaline PLOT---2h 52m
Mini Mag LED 3xAA Lithium PLOT---4h 46m
Mr. Bulk's DD3DIII PLOT---7h 50m
Mr. Bulk's LGI PLOT---2h
Mr Bulk's SUPER LGI PLOT---1h 11m
Mr Bulk's Super Baby Pin PLOT---44m
Nano-Mate PLOT---36m
NexNeedle 5w PLOT---1h 20m
NexTorch MM CR2 PLOT---58m
NexTorch MM AA Aklaline PLOT---2h 3m
NexTorch MM AA-Li PLOT---4h 44m
Nuwai ALX-352L 5w-H PLOT ---1h 6m
Nuwai ALX-352L 5w-M PLOT ---2h 27m
Nuwai ALX-352L 5w-L PLOT ---4h 35m
Nuwai TM-310H 0.5W 1xAAA - Alkaline PLOT ---2h 29m
Nuwai TM-310H 0.5W 1xAAA - Lithium PLOT ---3h 22m
Nuwai TM-311H 0.5W 2xAAA - Alkalilne PLOT --- 6H 38M
Nuwai TM-311H 0.5W 2xAAA - Lithium PLOT --- 9H 45M
Opalec New Beam PLOT---9h 43m
PALight Survival PLOT---6h
Pelican L1 PLOT---25m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 400-6v PLOT---4h 33m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 400 9v PLOT---7h 52m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 400-12v PLOT---10h 58m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 700-6v PLOT---2h 24m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 700-9v PLOT---4h 27m
Pelican M-6 DownBoy 700-12v PLOT---5h 32m
Pelican M-6 R2H Downboy 400 PLOT---4h
Pelican SabreLite LED PLOT---3h 33m
Police Xenon PLOT---55m
Sapphire 1w - Alkaline PLOT --- 2h 14m
Sapphire 1w - Lithium PLOT --- 3h 1m
Streamlight 4AA - 7 LED PLOT---3h 47m
Streamlight Baton PLOT---2h 24m
Streamlight Jr Luxeon PLOT ---1h 16m
Streamlight Key-Mate PLOT---45m
Streamlight Scorpion PLOT---37m
Streamlight Stylus PLOT---10h
Streamlight TT-3C 3 LED PLOT---33h 36m
Streamlight TT-3C 6 LED PLOT---18h 3m
Streamlight TT-3C Xenon PLOT---2h 16m
SureFire E1 PLOT---1h 25m
SureFire E1/KL-1 PLOT---2h 5m
SureFire L4-HA PLOT---1h 28m
Tektite L222 TLD Replacement Bulb PLOT---7h 30m
TerraLUX MiniStar2 PLOT---5h 2m
Thor 10M PLOT ---44m
UBH-KL1 1x123 PLOT---2h 10m
UBH-KL1 2x123 PLOT---5h
UBH-KL1 2xAA PLOT---2h 30m
UBH-KL1 3x123 PLOT---8h
UBH-KL3 2x123 PLOT---4h 40m
UBH-KL3 3x123 PLOT---7h 45m
UBH-P91 3x123 PLOT---5m
UBH-P90 3x123 PLOT---1.0h
UK4AA PLOT---13h 12m
VIP-H PLOT ---47m
VIP-L PLOT ---68h
VIP-M PLOT---3h 30m
Vortex KC-1 PLOT ---42m
Vortex TC-1 PLOT---1h 35m
XenErgy AL-606 3 LED PLOT---10h
XenErgy AL-606 6 LED PLOT---5h 30m
XenErgy AL-606 Xenon PLOT---1h 20m
Xenon Force PLOT ---1h 02m
XM-3 Alkaline AA PLOT ---1h 47m
XM-3 L91 Li PLOT ---4h 20m
Xnova AA PLOT---6h 7m
Xnova BAAA PLOT ---12h
**Ones that are not listed here are listed below!**

This is not the end! there is NO end!

I hope someone continues after me on this one, I'm sure theres many more runtimes out there that are drifting about that could become a valuable resource for newcomers:grin2:

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Jan 28, 2003
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Excellent idea, Illum. I'm another that always gives runtime high priority. Thanks for your work. Sticky time methinks.



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Nov 24, 2007
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Thanks for compiling all of these into one thread! :twothumbs
I agree, this may need to be a sticky.



Feb 21, 2003
For now this should be a sticky in the Reviews forum. Did you contact one of the moderators, or administrators?



Feb 22, 2008
Ft. Worth, TX
Great idea and great work compiling everything!

One thing to add though... Although it's not too much of an inconvenience, lights in user siglines do interfere with the search. (and not just in this thread, but in all Google/CPF searches)


Apr 10, 2006
to Illum_the_Nation --

Thank you so much for this information !





Apr 29, 2006
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Not a problem Burgess [et al.], we all need this sort of information soon or later

For now this should be a sticky in the Reviews forum. Did you contact one of the moderators, or administrators?


nope, I figured eventually one would notice it and move it where appropriate.:whistle:
I don't think it belongs in General flashlights, but I have no idea where to shove it to:ohgeez:


Apr 29, 2006
Central Florida, USA
Awesome addition to CPF - thanks for all your hard work on this! I know it'll come in handy many times in the future...


you really shouldn't be thanking me, but instead those who have put forth the effort and time to create these runtimes. Its the dedication of the users above that will come in handy many times in the future.:)


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Dec 3, 2008

Veeeeeeeeeery nice idea about compeling this crucial info. Basicaly, runtimes and output are the two major infos for most of us here!

The day you posted this thread was another big day in CPF's history...

Thanks to you and every contributors. :twothumbs


Apr 29, 2006
Central Florida, USA
You must not forget Roy, who passed away recently. :candle: He did tons of those graphs.
Roy...oh...Mr Curmudgeon Administrator... :oops: I guess I forgot all about him :twak:

I don't think I've ever seen an actual graph from Roy, just arithmetic measures, but for the benefit of CPF I'll generate a link list.
:thanks: for the tip :shrug::ohgeez:

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