Seeking Battery Solution for 2-D Maglite Malkoff drop-in light...


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Jan 6, 2009
Tiskilwa IL
Hello guys, I am after some advice yet again. I recently purchased and am looking forward to the arrival of my Malkoff 2-D Maglite drop-in.

Now I'm looking at battery solutions that will maximize run time without sacrificing too much brightness/overall light performance.

I want to avoid modding my 2-D (boring ETC) if at all possible but will remain open to the idea.

I would like something rechargeable but the kicker there is I'm not a daily light user so I need something that can tolerate being in "stand-by" mode until I'm ready, but being fully charged and ready to go when I am.

I am pretty ignorant when it comes to battery options so please be gentle and any information you can give is greatly appreciated.
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May 10, 2008
Sounds like you want LSD (Low Self Discharge) cells. I had the Accupowers and thought they were great.


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Apr 26, 2006
+1 for the Accupower LSD NiMH D cells.

That Malkoff drop-in will output at a lower level on two cells than on three cells. If you're happy with the output on two cells, or prefer longer runtime, stick with those D's. If you want higher output at the expense of runtime, Accupower also makes LSD NiMH C cells, and you can fit three in a 2D Mag. You can use a piece of PVC pipe (there's a standard size -- can't remember which -- with the correct inner and outer diameter) to keep the C cells from rattling. You'll also need to use a smaller spring that will fit in the bottom of the tail cap. I scrape some of the anodizing off the inner bottom of the tail cap (with a screw driver) for a better connection between the spring and the body, but others have mentioned they've gotten away without doing this.

The 2D Mag with this drop-in and the option of running 2 D's or 3 C's is a really nice, flexible set-up.

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