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Sold/Expired Sigma customs damascus copperhead


Newly Enlightened
May 21, 2019
Looking to sell my one of a kind sigma customs damascus copperhead.
Quote from original sale: Here's a rare one. Devin made only a handful of damascus lights but this is the only one with a copper head. It's also the only one (afaik) that came with a converter engine, able to change from triple to single. The details:
Sigma Customs Copperhead with a Damascus 18350 body
Currently installed is the Dragon engine with 10511 optic. It has the awesome high cri R9080 219b LEDs with amber secondaries.
Also includes a single emitter engine, H17F with I believe a 219c emitter
Two TIR optics for the single emitter engine. One is labeled Medium beam pattern and the other is labeled Wide but they look similar so I'm not 100% sure about that
The "tool" to swap engines is also included.
Black Oveready Spring Steel clip
Blue switch boot
Condition: Carried. I didnt baby this. Theres no huge marks in it, two small ones pictured on the bezel that will probably polish right put, and the head has some snail trails or surface wear, copper being what it is.
$1100 shipped in continental USA.
Preferably zell or PayPal f&f.