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Sold/Expired SOLD: Hinderer Reserve Line XM18, 3.5"


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Apr 8, 2009
Tucson, AZ USA
Hinderer XM18 3.5" Reserve Line, Titanium Swiss Army Cadet.

Reserve Line Hinderer XM18, 3.5" Hand assembled and tuned by Rick Hinderer. WIth his hand signed card included. Working finish, Spanto, tri-way, black G10. Also has Tri-way parts, original box, peanuts, stickers, etc. Everything original, and as new. (See Photos.) Asking SOLDshipped, USA, Zelle strongly preferred. PayPal, Venmo work as well.
From the Rick Hinderer Knives website:
Reserve Line
A very special part of the production line of knives here at Rick Hinderer Knives is the line that I call The Reserve Line. As in a lot of other industries such as the fine bourbon world, The word "Reserve" is reserved for the very special limited parts of a product line. What I have done to incorporate this into the RHK production line is to separate a few knives from each production run and those knives I build and finish each myself. I build them in my own separate shop here at the Ranch. These knives will also have my build card in the box showing me as the builder. Also the box will be labeled signifying the Reserve status. This is a perfect way for those desiring a RHK production knife built by Rick Hinderer.
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